Jump-On Flyaways' Concept Takes Flight

HelloWestTravel.com catches up with CEO Roger Jewett to hear about upcoming plans
08-28-2013  By: Amanda Stutt
Roger Jewett, CEO, Jump-On Flyaways
Roger Jewett, CEO, Jump-On Flyaways
Calgary-based Jump-On Flyaways recently introduced a new concept to the travel industry: charter weekend flights in partnership with Enerjet at a reduced cost on scheduled weekend departures from Calgary to Las Vegas, Kelowna and Vancouver.

With Jump-On, flights will only depart if 80 per cent of the seats are sold on the company’s website in advance.  If the ‘Jumping Point’ is not reached, the flight is cancelled, and the customer is notified and not charged.

After the company’s first trips successfully took off, HelloWestTravel.com caught up with CEO Roger Jewett to hear about future plans.

Jewett said the company is in the process of lining up more flights for the fall season-up to a dozen. Enerjet has three planes, and Jump-On Flyaways access the planes as they are available.

“We’ve been talking to some potential partners...we’re in the early stages, there are still no guarantees, but my goal is to make it a full time gig,” Jewett said.

In addition to routes in the West- the company is looking to expand its reach beyond the Rockies.
!!Jump-On Flyaways' Concept Takes Flight

“We’re thinking long-term, it takes a long time to build a following in any given area, and we’ve started with these weekend getaways first and I’m calling that phase one.”

Jump-On Flyaways’ latest venture, a Sept. 20-22 trip from Calgary to Vancouver features the option to sign up for several sightseeing and cultural attractions in Vancouver.

And Jewett is hoping to make the ‘jump’ to tour operator providing packages to clients.

“As anyone in the airline business knows, the margins are pretty thin on just airfares, so we are looking to start packaging,” he said. “We have also built our own booking engine from scratch, and the advantage is, we can do anything, we come up with different ideas, and a week later we’re doing it- there’s a lot of flexibility.”

According to Jewett, the website has received 35,000 hits since March and has a 5,000 email subscriber list.

The next step, he said, is to have routine flights operating, and then to offer hotel packages, starting with Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

“We are looking to stimulate a different kind of customer, and enable them to go on a trip they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go on because the price is a bit lower,” Jewett said.

Jump-On Flyaways is also interested in working with travel agents, and bookings are commissionable to agents.

“We are trying to provide options,” said Jewett.  “We need some competition to bring the prices down.”

For more information, visit gojumpon.com.