Jump On Flyaways’ First Flight To Las Vegas Is A Go

120 seats sold for new departure weekend on tour company’s inaugural flight
!!Jump On Flyaways’ First Flight To Las Vegas Is A Go
Jump On Flyaways, a Canadian tour company offering lower fares, more convenient departure times and direct flights for weekend getaways has achieved the minimum Jumping Point of 120 seats booked for its inaugural flight from Calgary to Las Vegas, now scheduled from Apr. 25-28.

Jump On Flyaways is the marketing company promoting the flights with a partnership with Enerjet to provide all the flight services; crews, maintenance and baggage handling. Read the original story here.

“Last week we secured an opportunity to guarantee the flight as a go by moving our original flight date to the weekend of April 25 to 28,” Roger Jewett, CEO of Jump On Flyaways said in a statement.

Jewett said Jump-On was approached by an Alberta group that wanted to leave on the weekend of April 25 to 28 but before any committement was made, they connected with our original Jumpers, the majority of whom were able to accommodate the change in dates. The two groups were then merged to guarantee the company's inaugural flight to Vegas.  

Jewett said there have been more than 10,000 visitors to the website and 1,500 e-mail signups in the first 30 days.

For more information, visit gojumpon.com.