Calgary Tour Company Invites Agents To ‘Jump On’ talks to Jump On Flyaways CEO Roger Jewett about new start-up travel business and partnership with Enerjet
03-28-2013  By: Amanda Stutt
Roger Jewett, CEO, Jump-On Flyaways
Roger Jewett, CEO, Jump-On Flyaways
Thinking of getting away for the weekend? Jump On Flyaways, a new, Calgary-based tour company, has come up with a new way for travellers to getaway- at almost half the cost of scheduled flights with major carriers. caught up with Roger Jewett, CEO of Jump On Flyaways to hear about the company’s first product offering; a charter flight direct from Calgary to Las Vegas, leaving on the Friday evening of April 19 and returning on Sunday April 21. 

Jewett is a former accountant with a background in marketing and current CFO of charter airline Enerjet, which flies only during the week.

Looking at Enerjet’s aircraft sitting unused over the weekends, Jewett saw a big business opportunity.

“Enerjet’s planes were busy Monday to Thursday, and were idle over the weekends, and we were looking for a way to activate the planes on the weekends and this idea hit me,” Jewett said.

“I presented it to Enerjet, and it didn’t work for them, so I negotiated to do it on my own and hire Enerjet to fly the planes. It’s really a partnership with Enerjet now,” he added.

!!Calgary Tour Operator Invites Agents To ‘Jump On’

The Jump On business model is unique: flights will only depart if the ‘Jumping Point’ is reached; that’s if approximately 80 per cent of the seats are sold on the company’s website in advance.  If the ‘Jumping Point’ is not reached, the flight is cancelled, and the customer is not charged.

Jump On Flyaways is the marketing company promoting the flights with a partnership with Enerjet to provide all the flight services; crews, maintenance and baggage handling.

“What we’ll do is launch a flight opportunity, at a small price; up to 50 per cent off what scheduled airlines would charge. That’s a weekend fare, it’s peak times, Friday night to Sunday night, it’s a great price for flying the best times,” Jewett said.

That means no to early morning departures and yes to direct flights with Jump On.

“The downside is it’s a charter, so it leaves at one time and comes back at one time, but it’s perfect for anyone who likes to do weekend getaways,” said Jewett. “We're offering a low price, plus convenience. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Jewett also said he is looking to forge relationships with travel agents.

“It’s a bit of a new concept for travel agents, but absolutely, we’d be willing to talk to any agent that wanted to work with us, and pay commission, however, just like the flights, it would only be payable if the flight goes,” Jewett said.  

For the company's first scheduled departure on April 19, the offer closes on April 12.

"We've got 15 days left, and we're hoping as we get closer to the deadline people will 'Jump On,'" said Jewett.

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